Out on 20 June 2024

Really Big Questions for Daring Thinkers: Science

Holly Cave

Illustrated by Marc Aspinall

Ages 7 to 9
20 June 2024
64 pages


What makes something funny? What's in empty space if it's not empty? And what came first: the chicken or the egg?

These are some of life’s biggest questions, and you are a daring thinker for even thinking about them!

So open your mind and prepare to explore some of the biggest, boldest ideas about animals, the natural world and technology – from the ridiculously silly to the strikingly serious. Each question in Really Big Questions for Daring Thinkers: Science will unlock new ways of thinking and may lead you to some intriguing answers. If you’re daring enough to take on this mind-expanding challenge, then read on!

Written by science communicator Holly Cave, the easy-to-understand text, intriguing mind-teasers, and incredible thought experiments make this philosophic journey unforgettably fun!