Out on 30 January 2025
Book cover for Modern Divination

Modern Divination



30 January 2025
512 pages
Imprint: Tor


Stylish, moody, with an atmosphere thick enough to drown in, Modern Divination is the cosy contemporary fantasy of my dreams. I promise you, too, will be drawn in by its gorgeous and aching warmth
Cosy like a favourite sweater and thick with atmosphere like fog on a winter night, Modern Divination beautifully captures the romance of small intimacies, hard-won vulnerability and, of course, academic rivalry, Agajanian's debut had me under its spell from start to finish. Utterly magical
In Modern Divination, Isabel Agajanian crafts a vivid, delightful world of academic rivalry, hidden secrets and reluctant alliances - all with a delicious undercurrent of magic. Readers will be drawn through the pages like a spell, immersed in a cosy atmosphere of slow-burn romance, endless cups of tea and the sound of rain over cobblestones
Exquisite, lovely and vicious in equal measure. Modern Divination is a hot cup of tea on a stormy night