Out on 06 February 2025

Modern Divination

Isabel Agajanian

06 February 2025
400 pages


The colour of magic was gold . . .

Aurelia Schwartz has spent twenty-three years maintaining the equilibrium between her carefully curated human life and the magical one that she endures in secret. With a devoted best friend and a place at an elite college in Cambridge, she has everything one could possibly want neatly within her grasp.

Except, her gift of green magic has begun to fade, and if that wasn't enough to upset the balance of her life, a fateful run-in with another power-hungry witch with a penchant for stolen magic has threatened to bring it all to ruin.

Cast into an unexpected alliance with her dreadfully arrogant classmate, Aurelia goes into hiding among a peculiar family of witches, where she discovers that the secret to their safety requires breaking rules she has followed all her life:

Make no promises.

Tell no one what you are.

And never stay the night.

Stylish, moody, with an atmosphere thick enough to drown in, Modern Divination is the cosy contemporary fantasy of my dreams. I promise you, too, will be drawn in by its gorgeous and aching warmth
Cosy like a favorite sweater and thick with atmosphere like fog on a winter night, Modern Divination beautifully captures the romance of small intimacies, hard-won vulnerability, and, of course, academic rivalry, Agajanian's debut had me under its spell from start to finish. Utterly magical
In Modern Divination, Isabel Agajanian crafts a vivid, delightful world of academic rivalry, hidden secrets, and reluctant alliances - all with a delicious undercurrent of magic. Readers will be drawn through the pages like a spell, immersed in a cosy atmosphere of slow-burn romance, endless cups of tea, and the sound of rain over cobblestones