Book cover for Trumpet




25 February 2016
320 pages
Imprint: Picador


Recounted in clear, spare, utterly unsentimental prose . . . the voices in this tender, compassionate work were still singing in my head a couple of weeks after I'd finished it
The book's style works like a jazz riff, a literary improvisation of the central melody of Joss's death
In an accomplished display of vocal versatility, Kay shifts effortlessly between the voices of Millie, Colman and Sophie Stones, an avaricious journalist who offers to help Colman avenge himself by ghostwriting a bare-all biography . . . the beauty of this book is the way its love, the character and story around which all the others orbit, is kept so intriguingly in the shadows, so fantastically out of view
Kay's powerful rendition of everyday speech combines perfectly with the themes and construction of her story