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Kushiel's Avatar



08 June 2023
832 pages
Imprint: Tor


A cult classic deserving of its devotees. Rich, intricate worldbuilding meets swoonworthy romance. A tangled web of politics and desire, the Kushiel’s Legacy trilogy is a modern classic. Phédre and Joscelin’s story is the beating heart of every romantasy to follow
The promise of Kushiel’s Dart, the first volume of Carey’s immense trilogy set in a skewed Renaissance world, is more than realized in this splendid conclusion . . . Effortlessly rich in adventurous incident, with a huge cast of well-defined characters, this poignant and robust story will appeal to both fantasy lovers and fans of erotic romance
This exquisitely piercing love story will take its readers on an unbelievable sensual journey. With its unique characters, history and plot, Jacqueline Carey’s stunning Terre d’Ange trilogy concludes in an emotionally charged tale seasoned with explicit scenes of love and sacrifice
Carey dismantles standard notions of both magic and mortality to produce a long, complex saga worthy of the field’s best writer on such a scale, George R. R. Martin