Out There in the Wild

James Carter

Dom Conlon

Nicola Davies

Illustrated by Diana Catchpole

Ages 9 to 11
14 September 2023
192 pages


'Sometimes a book comes along that stops you in your tracks. This arrived today. It is beautiful, intelligent, accessible, deeply moving. Fantastic writing, fantstic art. A book for everyone.' David Almond

A stunning poetry gift book celebrating the natural world, illustrated by Diana Catchpole.

Out There in the Wild celebrates our place in nature. It is packed with poems about everything that lives in the the sea and rivers, on land and in the sky. You will meet eagles and skylarks, tigers and elephants, foxes, rabbits and bats, bees and butterflies and many other natural wonders.

These beautiful poems written by Nicola Davies, Dom Conlon and James Carter invite you to consider how we are connected to the wild. We are all nature after all.