Book cover for Brown Girl Like Me

Brown Girl Like Me



15 June 2023
304 pages
Imprint: Bluebird


Jaspreet voices all the taboos of a brown girl's existence with truth, honesty and blatancy
Stunning . . . this is not just an insightful declaration of empowerment. The book is a toolkit designed to equip women with the confidence they need to navigate an intersectional identity.
Jaspreet’s writing provides vital access to a beautifully captured experience of growing up in a diverse Britain: this results in a beautifully informative, entertaining and affirming book.
A rousing manifesto, borne from Kaur's wide-ranging personal experiences and those of other strong brown women, for taking our identities and power back from society and fully owning our voices and places in the world. Beyond "essential reading", this book should be "canonical reading."