Book cover for Wild Card



28 April 2022
368 pages
Imprint: Bluebird


If you thought tarot was all about predicting the future, think again. Jen Cownie and Fiona Lensvelt reveal the here-and-now problems it can tackle.
A deeply humane exploration of tarot awash with cultural references, humour and stories. A thoroughly modern (and welcome) reinvigoration of the tarot handbook.
An indispensable guide to the tarot for both the seasoned reader and the novice. Up there with 78 Degrees of Wisdom, but with its own brand of no-nonsense expertise and guidance, as well as being beautifully illustrated, it's a classic for a new generation and a fun, friendly companion on anyone's tarot journey. I loved it.
This book is refreshingly original and yet respectful to the ancient art of Tarot too. I love it, it's superb. Now when I have readings or try my own I can discern a Fool from the Empress with ease . . . Authentic and rebellious!