Wild Card

Jen Cownie

Fiona Lensvelt

12 October 2023
368 pages


Discover the tarot with Wild Card, a friendly, funny and straightforward guide to the seventy-eight cards, their stories and meanings.

‘A beautiful, playful, intriguing book.’ - Nina Stibbe, author of Reasons to Be Cheerful.

Every time you draw a card, you open up possibilities. What will appear and what will you see? What lessons could the cards offer up? What aspects of yourself might they reveal?

At its heart, the tarot is a storytelling device, a deck of symbols and narratives that can spark conversations, inspire ideas, and reveal new perspectives. And you don't need to be psychic to use it: it is a practice that is open to everyone. In this beautifully illustrated guide, tarot readers Jen Cownie and Fiona Lensvelt introduce each of the cards, drawing on literature, pop culture, and their own experiences, and encourage you to add your voice to this centuries-old tradition.

Whether you are learning to read for yourself and others, refreshing your knowledge, or just curious, Wild Card will show you how the tarot can add a little bit of magic to your life.

If you thought tarot was all about predicting the future, think again. Jen Cownie and Fiona Lensvelt reveal the here-and-now problems it can tackle.
A deeply humane exploration of tarot awash with cultural references, humour and stories. A thoroughly modern (and welcome) reinvigoration of the tarot handbook.
An indispensable guide to the tarot for both the seasoned reader and the novice...it's a classic for a new generation and a fun, friendly companion on anyone's tarot journey.