Charlie the Champion Pony and Other Pony Tales

Jenny Dale

Ages 5 to 9
06 September 2018
256 pages


Come and meet some lovable characters in this special bind-up of four illustrated Pony Tales by Jenny Dale.

Can Charlie the Champion Pony overcome his fear of jumping – especially when his jumping skills are the only thing that can rescue another rider who is in trouble?

In Sam the School Pony, Becky and her friends are thrilled when a lovely pony, Sam, comes to live in the field next door to their school. But when danger threatens, only Becky can save her new friend.

Shadow the Secret Pony has a mysterious past . . . Clare has always longed for a pony of her own, and she is thrilled when she finds Shadow in her garden one day. But where does the pony come from?

Willow the Wild Pony loves being ridden out on the moors and dreams of running free with the wild ponies. One day she escapes to join the herd and has a wonderful time, but soon she begins to feel homesick. She wants to go home, but is she too late?

Featuring some of the best ponies around, the adventures in Charlie the Champion Pony and Other Pony Tales are sure to become firm favourites with any horse lover!