The Upstander Leader

Jessica Hickman

22 December 2023
192 pages


We’ve all heard of the bystander effect, where people see bad behaviour and do nothing. Award-winning thought leader Jessica Hickman experienced this firsthand when she was a victim of workplace bullying over a three-year period. Her experience motivated her to encourage leaders to develop a speak-up culture in their organisations.

Bullying and bad behaviour can be found in workplaces all over the world, creating toxic cultures and awful places to work. This has to change. It’s time to empower our leaders to become upstander leaders, who attract the best talent by making their organisations safe and enjoyable places where employees can thrive.

The Upstander Leader explores the differences between bystanders and upstanders and offers a five-step model to help develop a speak-up culture in your organisation. The strategies explained in this practical book have been road-tested in many workplaces where bullying is not tolerated, and it’s not just OK to call it out – it is encouraged.