Jo Cheetham

02 March 2023
400 pages


'Fiercely funny, truly fascinating and inspiring . . . I was hooked from the first page.' - Mel Giedroyc
'Warm, wise, witty and wet your pants hilarious' - Laura Bates, author of Everyday Sexism

Jo Cheetham was a long way from home, studying and working as a nanny in London, when she saw news of an upcoming protest against the Page 3 pictorial in The Sun and decided to go along. Before she could talk herself out of it, Jo officially joined the No More Page 3 campaign team.

Over the course of the next three years, Jo protested up and down the country, attended parliament and made an unlikely group of friends, ranging from sixteen to sixty, that would become her closest confidants and allies. Whether it was through an impromptu flash mob or a nerve-wracking group performance on the West End stage, Jo's world started to get a lot bigger.

Hilarious, brilliantly warm and moving, Killjoy is a story of everyday people doing extraordinary things, the power of a grassroots campaign and ultimately what you can achieve when you shout a little bit louder.

'Funny and inspiring' - Rachel Cooke, The Guardian, 'Non-fiction to look out for in 2023'

'Snappily written with humour and irreverence, it unpeels the insanity of our patriarchal society and why it can and must change. Order it now, is our advice.' - Stylist, 'Non-fiction books you can’t miss in 2023'

'A heroic and humorous account of the woman who found herself at the head of the No More Page 3 campaign, in a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.' - Independent, '19 debut authors set to make their mark this year'

'I want to shout about this brilliantly funny book from the rooftops! Fiercely funny, truly fascinating and inspiring and touching in equal measure, Killjoy is about the real-life story of a handful of 'small' female Davids taking on large male Goliaths. Life-affirming and brilliantly told, I was hooked from the first page . . . I loved it.'
A funny and inspiring account of one postgraduate student's life-changing decision to join the No More Page 3 campaign: a first book that couldn't be more up my strasse if it tried.
Funny frank and fearless, this is an inspiring read about grassroots feminist activism and how a group of determined women can change the world. Killjoy is just like its author: warm, wise, witty and wet your pants hilarious. Older activists will recognise the struggles and triumphs she describes with wry smiles and younger ones will find this book is like a pep talk from a supportive older sister telling them they can do it too!