The most anticipated reads of 2022

Discover the unmissable books and powerful new voices coming in 2022.

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With hundreds of thousands of new books published each year, which new reads releasing in 2022 are worthy of a future spot on your bookshelf? Literary greats like Hanya Yanagihara and Kathryn Schulz are set to return with unmissable new titles; eagerly-anticipated To Paradise and Lost & Found are both releasing in the first half of 2022. 

Alongside established names are a raft of exciting newcomers, with debuts from a myriad of original and exciting voices. Julia May Jonas' provocative novel Vladimir promises to capture our current social moment with razor-sharp accuracy, and the captivating and genre-eluding Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies from Maddie Mortimer is one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Here, we've revealed the releases we're most excited for and the stories set to captivate the 2022 literary scene. 

To Paradise

by Hanya Yanagihara

Book cover for To Paradise

Releasing 11 January 2022

This amazing new novel from the author of A Little Life begins in the nineteenth century, and spans stories of love, family, loss and promised utopia over the following three centuries. In 1893, New York is part of the Free States, and a gentle young member of a privileged family falls for a charismatic and impoverished music teacher. In 1993 Manhattan is being swept by the AIDS epidemic, and a young Hawaiian man with a wealthy older partner must hide his difficult family background. And in 2093 in a world where plague and totalitarian rule is rife, a young woman tries to solve the mystery of her husband's disappearances. 

This powerful and symphonic vision of America's past and present is a marvellous demonstration of Hanya Yanagihara's literary genius, as she weaves three stories together with recurring notes and deepening themes.

Maps of our Spectacular Bodies

by Maddie Mortimer

Book cover for Maps of our Spectacular Bodies

Releasing 31 March 2022

Something is moving in Lia's body, learning her life with gleeful malevolence and spreading through the rungs of her larynx, the bones of her trachea. 

When a shock diagnosis forever changes Lia's world, boundaries in her life begin to break down as buried secrets emerge. A voice prowling inside of her takes hold of her story, merging the landscape within her body with the one outside. 

A coming-of-age at the end of a life, Maddie Mortimer's compelling debut novel is both heart-breaking and darkly funny, combining wild lyricism with celebrations of the desire, forgiveness and darkness in our bodies. 

Watch Maddie introduce Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies:

New Animal

by Ella Baxter

Book cover for New Animal

Releasing 17 February 2022

Sex and death are part of the everyday for Amelia. Her job doing make-up for the dead in her family's funeral parlour is certainly strange, but she's good at it. She takes life and warmth from the men she meets online, sharing her bed at night in order to become something else, even temporarily. 

This stasis is broken apart when a sudden loss severs all ties to someone she loves, and kickstarts a seventy-two-hour attempt to outrun her grief. After skipping the funeral, Amelia runs away to stay with her father in Tasmania and begins to experiment on the local BDSM scene. She learns more about sex, death and grief than ever before. 

Smart, forthright and heartbreakingly funny, New Animal is Ella Baxter's incredible debut. 


by Julia May Jonas

Book cover for Vladimir

Releasing 26 May 2022

A bold, razor-sharp and timely debut, Julia May Jonas' Vladimir take us deep into the emotional conflict between the strictures of morality and the impulses of the heart. 

A beloved English professor is ambushed with a slew of accusations against her husband and colleague, resulting in an investigation into his inappropriate relationships with former students. Extramarital pursuits have long been present in their marriage, but the allegations make life much less comfortable for them both. And when our narrator becomes infatuated with Vladimir, a celebrated, married young novelist who’s just arrived on campus, their relationship comes close to capsizing. An edgy and assured literary debut, mapping the personal and political battlefields of our current moment.

Watch Julia May Jonas introduce her debut novel Vladimir:

The Atlas Six

by Olivie Blake

Book cover for The Atlas Six

Releasing 3 March 2022

The Atlas Six takes us into the world of the Alexandrian Society: a prestigious secret society of magical academicians who guard knowledge retained from the ancient The Library of Alexandra, and who subsequently enjoy a life of unparalleled riches and high status. A select number of highly-skilled magical practitioners are admitted to the Society each decade, with six charismatic young magicians competing to become the next entrants. 

A viral success on TikTok, The Atlas Six was originally self-published but has been snapped up for re-publication with all-new illustration. 

Sea of Tranquility

by Emily St. John Mandel

Book cover for Sea of Tranquility

Releasing 28 April 2022

The exiled son of an aristocrat driven to madness, a writer trapped far from home, and a detective in the ever-dark Night City. Three storylines entwine across centuries in the captivating worlds of Emily St John Mandel, author of award-winning Station Eleven.

Perceptive and poignant about art, and love, and what we must do to survive, Sea of Tranquility is a novel that investigates the idea of parallel worlds and possibilities, that plays with the very line along which time should run.

‘It is heaven to be immersed in the waters of Mandel's imagination’
Naomi Alderman, Women's Prize-winning author of The Power

The Life Inside

by Andy West

Book cover for The Life Inside

Releasing 3 February 2022

Andy West is a philosophy teacher with a difference – his students are prisoners, and his memoir is an intimate and authentic story about the search for freedom. 

He has conversations with people inside about their lives, discusses their ideas and feelings and listens as the men and women he works with explore new ways to think about their situation. Could we ever be good if we never felt shame? What makes a person worthy of forgiveness? Could someone in prison ever be more free than someone outside? These questions about how to live are ones we all need to ask, but in this setting they are even more urgent.

Peronsal, sympathetic, wise and frequently funny, The Life Inside is an elegant and unforgettable experience. 

Hearts and Bones

by Niamh Mulvey

Book cover for Hearts and Bones

Releasing 22 June 2022

Across eleven heart-rending stories, Niamh Mulvey writes of strained friendships, broken families and faded love. Spanning the last century in Europe, the stories of Hearts and Bones are pulsing with vitality, immediacy, and humanity. 

Smart, sharp and sincere, this is a major debut from an extraordinary new Irish literary talent. 

A Time Outside This Time

by Amitava Kumar

Book cover for A Time Outside This Time

Releasing 6 January 2022

A remarkable book written at the borderline of fiction and non-fiction, describing a world where the truth of fiction is blurred with and fake news and misinformation. Following Satya, a novelist, as he struggles to block out the pressures of the outside world during a prestigious artists' retreat. However, the unending headlines begin to form an idea for a novel about the lies we tell ourselves and each other. 

Amitava Kumar’s A Time Outside This Time captures our fever-pitch political moment with a precise voice, observant intelligence and an eye for the uncanny. 

Watch Amitava discuss the inspiration behind A Time Outside This Time:


by Elaine Hsieh Chou

Book cover for Disorientation

Releasing 21 July 2022

Twenty-nine year old PhD student Ingrid Yang has almost finished her dissertation on the late canonical poet Xiao-Wen Chou, when she discovers an curious note deep in the archives. Maybe it's her ticket out of academic purgatory? 

It soon becomes clear that Ingrid hasn't realised the significance of her discovery. Overnight, her life is upended and thrown into chaos. Facing off against her rival, Vivian Vo, Ingrid sets off on a journey of misadventure and mishap, from campus protests and over-the-counter drug hallucinations, to book burnings and a movement that stinks of Yellow Peril propaganda.

Lost & Found

by Kathryn Schulz

Book cover for Lost & Found

Releasing 28 April 2022

A year and a half before Kathryn Schulz's father died, she met the woman she would marry. A memoir and guidebook, Lost & Found is a masterful weaving of these relationships into a compelling exploration of loss, discovery, and devastation. 

A staff writer at the New Yorker and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Kathryn Schulz writes with curiosity, tenderness, erudition, and wit about our finite yet infinitely complicated lives.

Our Wives Under The Sea

by Julia Armfield

Book cover for Our Wives Under The Sea

Releasing 3 March 2022

An eerie, romantic, and fabulously strange novel from Julia Armfield, author of salt slow. 

Miri thinks she has got her wife back, when Leah finally returns after a deep sea mission that ended in catastrophe. It soon becomes clear, though, that Leah may have come back wrong. Whatever happened in that vessel, whatever it was they were supposed to be studying before they were stranded on the ocean floor, Leah has carried part of it with her, onto dry land and into their home.


by Hannah Kent

Book cover for Devotion

This much-anticipated novel from the author of Burial Rites is set in Prussia, 1836. Teenage Hanne is a child of nature, but feels the pressure of domestic womanhood closing in on her. She yearns for the outdoors and shies away from friendship, until she meets kindred soul Thea. Hanne's family are Old Lutherans, granted passage to Australia which is their passport to freedom. On the long and dangerous ocean journey, Hanne and Thea's growing bond is put to the test.

‘Exquisite . . . it's taken root in my heart’
Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Mercies

Brown Girl Like Me

by Jaspreet Kaur

Book cover for Brown Girl Like Me

Releasing 17 February 2022

Equal parts memoir and manifesto, Jaspreet Kaur equips women with the confidence and skillset they need to navigate the difficulties that come with an intersectional identity.

Pulling no punches, and tackling topics from mental health and menstruation stigma to education and beauty standards, Brown Girl Like Me will educate, inspire and spark urgent conversations for change; essential reading for South Asian women and people with an interest in feminism and cultural issues.