Not Alone

Sarah K Jackson

28 March 2024
432 pages


'Not Alone kept me breathless with tension' - Emma Donoghue, bestselling author of Room
'Intensely moving, genuinely gripping' - Charlotte Mendelson, author of The Exhibitionist

Five years ago a toxic storm made the world unrecognizable. Now the air outside could be deadly.

Katie has done everything in her power to create a haven for her little boy, Harry. But now their home is no longer safe.

And so they begin an impossible journey in search of the man Katie was meant to marry. It will take them across a devastated Britain and through terrible danger, but hope and love drive them on . . .

Sarah K. Jackson's astonishing debut is a story of love and hope against all the odds.

Not Alone kept me breathless with tension. An outstandingly credible and gripping adventure story, rooted in a deep understanding of both ecology and family.
Intensely moving, genuinely gripping, plausible and absorbing; this is a stunningly debut by a truly talented new writer
The emotionally wrenching story of a young mother’s fight to save her young son as they struggle across a toxic and hostile world. The tension never lets up. Utterly believable, always compelling, and deeply moving. I loved it.