Book cover for The Dog at Clambercrown

The Dog at Clambercrown



05 October 2017
302 pages
Imprint: Bello


Mr Jocelyn Brooke is one of the most interesting and talented of contemporary writers . . . we are left as delighted by the hundredth performance as we were at the first. It is magic—conjuring—of which we never tire: an example of what is called ‘art’.
. . . In this fourth autobiographical-fictional itinerary, the ways are more enchanted and twisty, the scent keener than ever. Here is a writer possessed by the magic—the voodoo—of childhood . . . Mr. Brooke is a pleasure to read—a highly individual pleasure.
A fugitive form of reminiscence, and often disarmingly clever, this has a very special appeal at an aesthetic-intellectual level