Book cover for Ruin


Age 16 +



10 March 2016
768 pages
Imprint: Pan


Mythical, magical, intense, brutal, poignant . . . utterly brilliant.
The battles are brutal and bloody, just as they should be (especially when you chuck giants, bears, draigs and huge wolf like beasts into the mix). All through the book it builds, the smaller battles leading towards bigger and bigger ones and leading to a climax that will knock you for six . . .don’t expect to come out of it with your heart in one piece.
Triumphant . . . A masterful thrill ride of a book.
Dark, thrilling and bloody. But Ruin’s strongest point is, for me, its characters. The author takes character relationships crafted throughout the first two novels – between friends, family, loved ones and, especially, animals – and brings them beautifully to the fore without overstating them, whilst also forging new ones along the way.