Out on 27 October 2022

The Owl Who Came for Christmas

John Hay

Illustrated by Garry Parsons

Ages 3-5
27 October 2022
32 pages


A heart-warming Christmas tale about a little owl – inspired by an amazing true animal story.

One cold winter's night, Rosie the screech owl is snuggling down to sleep in the hollow of a pine tree. But when she wakes up, the tree is on the back of a lorry! And so begins her incredible journey, all the way from the forest and into the home of an unsuspecting and very surprised family . . .

Inspired by the true story of a little owl discovered in a family's Christmas tree, The Owl Who Came for Christmas is the perfect gift for young animal lovers, families who want to share a Christmas story, and everyone who enjoys true animal stories. Written by John Hay, with warm, festive illustrations from bestselling illustrator Garry Parsons, the artist behind The Dinosaur That Pooped . . . series.

Includes a non-fiction spread with information about the real animal and the true events behind the story.