The Unraveling

John R. Schmidt

14 December 2012
290 pages


How did a nation founded as a homeland for South Asian Muslims following a tolerant form of Islam become a haven for Al Qaeda and a rogues gallery of domestic jihadist and sectarian groups? This groundbreaking history of Pakistans involvement with radical Islam places the blame on the rulers of the country, who thought they could use Islamic radicals to advance their foreign-policy goals without having to pay a steep price. But the governments plans began to unravel in the wake of 9/11, when the rulers support for the U.S. war on terror caused many of their jihadist allies to turn against them. The Unravelling is a clear account of the complex relationship between the leaders of Pakistan and jihadist groups and how the rulers decisions have led their nation to the brink of disaster and put other nations at risk. Can they save their country, or will we one day find ourselves confronting the first nuclear-armed jihadist state?