Passage To Juneau

Jonathan Raban

14 September 2023
448 pages


'His erudition is enorous, his prose as beautiful and clear as the blue ocean on a crisp morning . . . Passage to Juneau is a wonderfully fluid read' – Sunday Times

Passage to Juneau is an account of Raban's voyage from Seattle to the Alaskan capital by boat, and the devastating news that awaits him when he returns to dry land. In Raban's capable hands, the passage from Seattle to Alaska is less a journey than a backdrop for musings on history, art, myth, and philosophy.

Reissued with a new introduction from Robert Macfarlane, author of Underland: A Deep Time Journey, this is extraordinary travel writing, defying at every turns the constrains of genre.

'Raban at his best' – Ian McEwan

Raban's inability to write a mere travel book opens the way for Passage to Juneau to become something richer and stranger: a book that defies categories, unless it simply be called a portrait of the journeying soul . . . Evoking the sea, Raban is incomparable
A moving, complex mosaic of memory, history and adventure
'Passage to Juneau is a rich and complex book – a beautifully crafted travelogue, a subtle exercise in anthropology and an involving account of the personal crises which gripped Raban during his voyage to Alaska'