The Pet Sitter: Tiger Taming

Julie Sykes

Illustrated by Nathan Reed

Ages 7 to 9
27 January 2011
96 pages


Max loves animals, but his sneezy, allergic sister means no family pets. He’s so happy when he realizes he can be a pet sitter. But with every job he takes on, there’s always something a bit odd about his new boss. Witches, fairies, goblins, mermaids – why can’t he pet-sit for someone ordinary?

Max thinks he is going to love his new job as a pet sitter. But his first client, Miss W. Itchy, seems a little strange. Max’s instincts prove correct when it turns out her cat can talk! Not only does Tiger have good English, but loads of attitude too – ordering Max around, left, right and centre. When Miss Itchy’s arch-enemy Grimboots kidnaps Tiger, Max has to prove what sort of pet sitter he really is . . .