Room 000

Kalpish Ratna

30 July 2015
100 pages


Bombay, 1896.
A serial killer is on the loose.
In Room 000, detectives struggle to snare the culprit, but this murderer is always one step ahead of them.
When death is a contagion that spreads from house to house and from street to street, where does one look for clues?
As the investigators in Room 000, armed with microscopes and cultures, track the killer, they invent a new science. But the Raj imprisons Bombay in antiquated disciplines that turn the plague into an epic tragedy.
Room 000 takes a Holmesian look at the Bombay Plague. In these pages, you'll meet the Argyll Street Irregulars, share the anxieties of the Reluctant Ephemerist, thrill to the discoveries of the Solitary Scientist, and shudder over the repulsive story of the Red Leech. Here too, is Tatya Lakshman, the first Indian detective of the Bombay Police in hot pursuit of the Parsi Plague Current.
In their signature style, Kalpish Ratna meld science and adventure into intrigue and mystery. The forgotten truths of the Bombay Plague, seen from this very human perspective, will compel us to look at today's emerging epidemics in an entirely new light.