Out on 03 October 2024

The Champions

Kara Thomas

03 October 2024
336 pages


From the author of The Cheerleaders comes another dark YA thriller set in the same town of Sunnybrook.

'Sharp, brilliantly plotted, and totally engrossing' - Karen McManus, New York Times-bestselling author of One of Us Is Lying, on The Cheerleaders

It was the deaths of five cheerleaders that made the town of Sunnybrook High infamous.

Eleven years later, Hadley moves to Sunnybrook, though, the locals are more interested in the Tigers, the high school's championship-winning football team. The Tigers are Sunnybrook’s homegrown heroes--something positive in a town with so much darkness in its past.

Hadley could care less about football, but shortly after she gets assigned to cover the team's latest championship bid for the school newspaper, one of the Tigers is poisoned at a party, and almost immediately after, Hadley starts getting strange emails warning her to stay far away from the football team.

It's becoming clear Sunnybrook's golden boys have secrets, and after a second player is mysteriously killed, Hadley’s beginning to suspect that someone wants the team to pay for their sins. Or does this new target on the football team have something to do with what happened to the cheerleaders all those years ago?

As an outsider in Sunnybrook, Hadley feels like she's the only one who can see the present clearly, but it looks like she’s going to have to dig up the darkness of the past to get to the bottom of what’s happening now. Luckily, there are still some Sunnybrook High grads who never left — people who were around eleven years ago — and if she can just convince them to talk, she might be able stop a killer before another Tiger dies.