Book cover for Homecoming




15 February 2024
640 pages
Imprint: Pan


Homecoming is Kate Morton at her very best. A lush, rich, beautiful novel, set against the vibrant, immense backdrop of Australia
If you’re a fan of Kate Morton you will love it. If you haven’t read Kate Morton before, do yourself a favour. It is a treat; it is a big deep-dive, twisty-turny yarn. It is fantastic
Kate Morton is the author who made me fall in love with dual-timescale storylines. An epic novel about a 1959 murder case in South Australia that has never fully been solved, this is one to devour on holiday
An unsolved murder, a host of family secrets and three generations of women shape Morton's captivating novel. It’s a sweeping yet intimate tale of motherhood and belonging, loss and longing . . .