Out on 27 October 2022


Kate Stewart

27 October 2022
400 pages


Kate Stewart's Ravenhood Trilogy is a gritty, sexy, romantic, modern day take on Robin Hood with breathtaking twists.

“In your heart of hearts, if you didn’t have to choose, would you?”

The deal is simple: all nineteen-year-old student Cecilia Horner has to do is survive a year in the small town of Triple Falls, living with her estranged father and working at his factory. In return, he’ll not only pay her college tuition but will hand over a small fortune that will enable Cecilia to help her single mother. . .

But everything changes when she meets sexy local Sean on her first day of work. He introduces her to his close knit circle of friends - including the enigmatic Dominic - a group who live by their own rules and brandish the same raven tattoo . . .

Cecilia has always played it safe, but, blinded by her growing feelings for Sean and Dominic, she’s determined to enjoy her last summer of freedom and be open to new experiences no matter where they might lead . . .

This unconventional love story is a white knuckle ride filled with suspense, steam, addictive bad boys, action, and ALL OF THE FEELS. Books in this bestselling series are Flock, Exodus and The Finish Line.

Flock isn't just a book, it's an experience. A brilliant exploration of what happens when love, desire and deep secrets come to a crossroads, all masterfully woven in an unputdownable novel.
Poignant. Thought-provoking. Edgy. Beautifully original… Ravenhood… will bring you to the ledge of your comfort zone and lasso your heart, holding it captive until the very last page.
. . . will leave you breathless. It is the most unpredictable, gripping, steamy work I've read all year. Hands-down. Nothing else compares. An absolute treat from Kate Stewart.