The Plight Before Christmas

Kate Stewart

12 October 2023
464 pages


Whitney is not having a merry Christmas. The Plight Before Christmas is a second-chance, Christmas-themed sexy romance from Kate Stewart, author of the Ravenhood series.

In the last three weeks she’s lost her boyfriend and a promotion. Forced to gather at her grandparents’ cosy cabin for the holidays with her large family, the only way she’s going to get into the holiday spirit is with the help of three wise men: Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel's, and Jim Beam. However, nothing offsets the shock of discovering her old boyfriend, Eli, on the doorstep.

Now she’s stuck for a week with Eli, the only man to ever break her heart. And he’s ready to win her back . . .

What readers are saying:

‘The perfect Christmas book . . . A truly great Xmas novel and, dare I say, something I will probably re-read every Christmas from now on. Five million stars!’

‘Such a delightful Xmas story! There was laughter, love, heartache, and tears’

‘Perfection. Absolutely loved this book! Highly recommend this if you like a second-chance romance, grumpy/sunshine with some spice . . .’

‘Perfect Christmas pick-me-up’

‘Funny, spicy, sweet, heart-wrenching’

‘Funny, heart-warming and had all the Christmas feels’

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