Book cover for Lost & Found

Lost & Found



26 January 2023
256 pages
Imprint: Picador


Extraordinary . . . A profound and beautiful book . . . a moving meditation on grief and loss, but also a sparky celebration of joy, wonder and the miracle of love . . . Witty, wise, beautifully structured and written in clear, singing prose
Luminescent . . . Deft, roving and elegantly written . . . Lost & Found is itself a marvel of a meditation. It left me moved, inspired and ultimately elated
Eloquent and tender . . . a breathtakingly beautiful set-piece, a celebration of the ordinariness and sublimity of our most fundamental connections: to parents, to children, to lovers.
An extraordinary gift of a book, a tender, searching meditation on love and loss and what it means to be human. I emerged feeling a little as if the world around me had been made anew.