Something Hidden

Kerry Wilkinson

28 July 2016
352 pages


Something Hidden is the thrilling second novel in the Andrew Hunter series, from bestselling author Kerry Wilkinson.

Everyone hates Fiona Methodist.

Her war veteran father shot a young couple in broad daylight before killing himself. The engaged pair had witnessed a robbery and were due to give evidence but, with all three now dead, no one knows the true motive.

For Fiona, it's destroyed her life. It's not just those who whisper behind her back or the friends who pretend she doesn't exist; it's the landlords who spot her name and say no, the job agencies who can't find her work.

But Fiona knows her dad didn't do it. He couldn't have – he's her father and he wouldn't do that . . . would he?

Private investigator Andrew Hunter takes pity on the girl and, even with stolen bengal cats to find, plus an ex-wife who's not quite so 'ex', he can't escape the creeping feeling that Fiona might be right after all.

Wilkinson's story spreads like a pool of blood . . . his talent becomes ever more obvious
A crime-writing colossus