The Ultimate Truth

Kevin Brooks

Ages 10 to 14
30 January 2014
320 pages


When Travis Delaney's parents die in a car crash, Travis is devastated. In a bid to pull himself out of his grief, he starts to look into the last case they were investigating at the private investigation agency they ran.

What starts as a minor distraction soon becomes a sinister, unbelievable mystery - and Travis is determined to solve it. Why were his parents looking for a missing boy when the boy's family says he isn't missing? Where is the boy himself? And why would a man who is in surveillance photos taken by Travis's parents turn up at their funeral?

As Travis searches for answers, he starts to have the chilling realization that the question he should be asking is the one he most wants to avoid: Was the accident that killed his parents really what it seemed?

An intriguing, exciting adventure from a master of suspense.

The Ultimate Truth confirms what we already know - that Kevin Brooks is one of the greatest storytellers we have. Travis Delaney is a terrific hero. Brave, intrepid, and most importantly, human. Bring on the next investigation...
The book is slick, believable and never talks down to its audience. . . the ending is as complex and multi-layered as any adult book.

Kevin Brooks, a writer not averse to taking risks, chooses the road less travelled. In The Ultimate Truth he attempts to write a young private eye story that is both plausible and set in real place and time. Does he succeed? Yes, and brilliantly.

Travis Delaney deserves a large and appreciative following