Book cover for The Ultimate Truth

The Ultimate Truth

Ages 10 to 14



30 January 2014
320 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


The Ultimate Truth confirms what we already know - that Kevin Brooks is one of the greatest storytellers we have. Travis Delaney is a terrific hero. Brave, intrepid, and most importantly, human. Bring on the next investigation...
The book is slick, believable and never talks down to its audience. . . the ending is as complex and multi-layered as any adult book.

Kevin Brooks, a writer not averse to taking risks, chooses the road less travelled. In The Ultimate Truth he attempts to write a young private eye story that is both plausible and set in real place and time. Does he succeed? Yes, and brilliantly.

Travis Delaney deserves a large and appreciative following

This fast paced thriller from a well-known author is gripping from start to finish, and will be enjoyed by many.