Titanic Thompson

Kevin Cook

05 January 2012
256 pages


Titanic Thompson is the rollicking true story of one of the most charismatic characters in twentieth-century America. Travelling only with his golf clubs, a .45 revolver, and a suitcase full of cash, this is the legendary tale of a man who was married five times to five different girls, all teenagers on their wedding day. He killed five men, though he’d say ‘they’d all agree they had it coming to them’. He won and lost millions in a time when being a millionaire still really meant something.

Filled with fascinating facts and famous faces – Harry Houdini, Al Capone, Lee Trevino, Arnold Rothstein and Jean Harlow all make appearances – this is a brilliant and compelling snapshot of life on the road in freewheelin’ America.

‘Ever heard of Titanic Thompson? Me neither, until I read this enthralling and compulsively readable account of his life’ Independent on Sunday
‘A more colourful, exciting biography might emerge this year, but I wouldn’t put money on it’ The Times
‘Ridiculously engaging’ Metro