Book cover for Little Bandaged Days

Little Bandaged Days



21 January 2021
256 pages
Imprint: Picador


Gripping, composed, observant, wonderfully written and extravagantly cruel
Wilder artfully cranks up the tension, so you don't quite know when you begin to hold your breath. A chilling read
Breathtaking . . . a compelling tale of a woman’s slide into madness, all while living what seems to be the perfect life. Part metaphor for modern life, part lament for the lost wildness of life, this novel demonstrates both writing chops and deeper themes. Wilder is a writer to watch
I found it horribly seductive and almost read it through my fingers with a level of recognition and dread. Any mother of young children will recognise the fringes of the feelings evoked by such clear pellucid prose and startling imagery. It's a fantastically visceral and vivid account of the onset of madness set against the backdrop of a polite, middle-class setting: the mundane refracted through the hallucinatory