Released on 08 October 2015.

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Terms of Endearment

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In this acclaimed novel that inspired the Academy Award-winning film, Pulitzer Prize-winner Larry McMurtry created two unforgettable characters who won the hearts of readers and film-goers everywhere: Aurora Greenway and her daughter, Emma.

Aurora is the kind of woman who makes the whole world orbit around her, including a string of devoted suitors. Widowed and overprotective of her daughter, Aurora adapts at her own pace until life sends two enormous challenges her way: Emma's hasty marrriage and subsequent battle with cancer.

Terms of Endearment is the story of an unforgettable mother and her feisty daughter and their struggle to find the courage and humour to live through life's hazards - and to love each other as never before.

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McMurtry at his best! He is one of the few male authors who can write convincingly from the woman's point of view
A vivid and richly detailed novel about ourselves and those we love
New Republic
Very special . . . very winning . . . it will make you laugh and cry
New York Times