Be A Triangle

Lilly Singh

14 April 2022
112 pages


Youtuber and comedian Lilly Singh has discovered that triangles are the perfect model for building your self-esteem and getting to know your own values. Triangles have a strong base, they're hard to knock-over and always retain their own shape, even when they grow.

With her incomparable sense of humour and fun, Lilly explains how she has put the ethos of the triangle to work in her own life, and shows how you can do the same. Complete with playful illustrations and inspiring ideas, Be A Triangle is like a best friend cheering you on as you find your purpose and get to know yourself.

We need to create a home to return to. And when I say home, I'm not talking about a physical place or somewhere where pants are optional. I'm talking about a set of beliefs after a day full of, well, anything. We need to dig a foundation so deep that it will exist and thrive even if our surface-level efforts fail . . .

Insightful and charmingly funny. I related to so many aspects of this book. It’s a lesson in accepting yourself as you are, while believing you have the unlimited potential to become whatever you want to be.
In Be A Triangle, Lilly Singh gets vulnerable, revealing the obstacles and insecurities she had to overcome to find happiness and contentment, while also empowering readers to do the same. This book will change your life.
The pleasure of reading this book is learning that the Lilly you think you know - the joyous, hilarious entertainer - had a sometimes bumpy road to get there. I love her honest and helpful advice about achieving happiness.