Liz Williams

Age 16 +

2007 Nominee

BSFA Award for Best Novel

24 October 2013
432 pages


In the far-distant future Vali Hallsdottir, assassin of an organisation known as the Skald, is sent on a mission to the world of Nhem. Her assignment is to eliminate the destructive patriarchal regime of the Hierolath. But shortly after her arrival, Vali finds herself betrayed by her mission partner, who is not the man he seems. Frey, once Vali’s lover, has undergone a genetic transformation to disguise himself and has his own agenda for travelling to Nhem. After Vali’s escape from the clutches of the Hierolath’s militia she goes in search of Frey in order to discover the reasons for his betrayal. Her journey takes Vali to Darkland, where sinister forces known as the vitki wreak havoc…

Praise for Liz Williams and her novel BANNER OF SOULS:

‘A vivid adventure . . . that lingers long after the last page is turned’ K. J. Bishop

‘A gothic feast for the imagination that places Liz Williams in the first rank of visionary science fiction writers’ Charles Stross

‘Liz Williams is this generation's answer to Margaret Atwood and Sheri Tepper' Chris Moriarty