Accidents Happen

Louise Millar

11 April 2013
448 pages


Kate Parker has had so much bad luck in her life, she's convinced she's cursed. But when she tries to do her best to keep herself and her son safe, people tell her she's being anxious and obsessive.

Just when her life starts to spin completely out of control, an Oxford professor she meets offers to help. But his methods are not conventional. If she wants to live her life again, he will expect her to take risks.

When a mysterious neighbour starts to take more than a passing interest in her, Kate tries to stay rational and ignore it.

Maybe this, however, is the one time Kate should be worried.

Praise for Louise Millar

‘Millar is a genius at capturing the complicated emotions of parenthood, and her taut, suspenseful plot makes this an unputdownable read’ Marie Claire

‘Like the best thrillers, it is quietly creepy and expertly crafted. Add it to your book club reading list now' Stylist

'A well-paced psychological thriller with more than a hint of Minette Walters about it' Sunday Express

'A thought provoking, taut and suspenseful thriller that you won't forget in a hurry' Easy Living

‘Creeping paranoia, nail-biting tension and fiendishly clever plotting . . . I couldn't put this down’ Lucy Diamond

‘Taut, chilling, utterly brilliant; my thriller of the year’ Lisa Jewell

‘There is nothing more chilling than feeling comfortable about a situation only to realise that your trust has been dangerously misplaced . . . a genuinely brilliant book’ Elizabeth Haynes

‘Some great twists and turns. One of my favourite books of 2012’ Mark Edwards

‘Possibly my favourite book of the year!’ Louise Voss

'I started reading and couldn't stop . . . a must-read that will tap into every mother's primal fears' Sophie Hannah