The Ice Children

M. G. Leonard

Illustrated by Penny Neville-Lee

Ages 8 to 11
02 November 2023
288 pages


'As unforgettable as Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" . . . a whirlingly imaginative storyline full of wonder and hope as well as warning.' - The Times

The Ice Children is an exciting, modern, magical mystery adventure inspired by classic fairy tale 'The Snow Queen'. Gorgeous coloured endpapers, and black-and-white illustrations throughout by Penny Neville-Lee, this hardback would make a perfect Christmas gift for boys and girls of 8-12.

At the stroke of midnight on the dawn of December, five-year-old Finn Albedo is found frozen in the city park standing on a pedestal of ice. His heart is beating, he is smiling serenely, but no one can wake him.

Finn’s big sister, Bianca, suspects that the beautiful sparkling book Finn got from the library has something to do with it, but the book has vanished. Does the tall mysterious stranger who first discovered Finn know more than they will admit?

Each day, more children are found frozen and Bianca realizes she’s running out of time. Her quest to discover the truth and rescue her little brother hurls her into a fantastical winter wonderland, full of beauty, danger and irresistible spirit animals, where all is not as it seems.

Can Bianca save her brother and the other Ice Children before they are forever lost?

From the magic of snow angels to the thrills of snowball fights and ice skating, The Ice Children is a celebration of winter in all its forms.

This gripping adventure for 8+ is a sparkling, elegant homage to Andersen's 'The Snow Queen', with a powerful conservationist slant.
Leonard is at her best in this this chilly adventure . . . Drawing on traditional tales such as The Snow Queen, this thrilling drama with a powerful environmental message is so shiveringly atmospheric that it will make you wish for snow
The Ice Children bursts with winter magic. It is vivid and glorious - a classic filled with heart.