What Became Of You My Love?

Maeve Haran

28 January 2016
416 pages


Stella Ainsworth has settled for suburban peace with a pedantic husband, a dissatisfied daughter and a clutch of beloved grandchildren - who all take her presence in their lives for granted.

Then Cameron Keene, her boyfriend from her teenage years who'd left for America to become a rock icon of the Sixties, returns to England.

Much to Stella's astonishment, Cameron announces in an interview that his most famous song, which became a legendary love anthem across the world, was written about Stella, and that he has come back to find her.

What Became of You, My Love? explores the power of music to take us back to our youth, and asks if we can ever relive those giddy times when everything seemed possible.

With this lovely, clever, funny, supremely good-natured novel . . . Haran gloriously continues to fly the flag for spirited sixtysomethings everywhere
A wryly funny and acutely observed romp through the timeless joys and frustrations of family life. Littered with caustically accurate one-liners, embellished with a cast of lovable characters, imbued with the wisdom of age and experience, and beautifully wrapped with genuine insight and affection, this is a fabulous box of tricks for every generation to enjoy'
Vintage Haran; warm and funny