For Those Who Know the Ending

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Publication date: 14.07.2016
ISBN: 9781447291626
Number of pages: 0


A multi-layered and unnerving portrait of gangland Glasgow, For Those Who Know the Ending is the gripping new novel from the award-winning author Malcolm Mackay.

He has to clear thoughts of Joanne and thoughts of the past out of his mind. He has to think about himself, his situation. Think about the next hour . . . In that hour, everything will be decided.

It’s been almost two hours. Two hours, and Martin Sivok is still tied up, alone in a darkened warehouse; plastic strips digging into the soft flesh of his wrists.

He wants them to come back. Get this over with. But he also knows that as soon as they return, this could very well be his ending.

Because Martin has messed up. Stolen dirty money he should never have touched. Dirty money that the Jamieson organization, the most dangerous criminal outfit in Glasgow, wants back.

Someone has to die for this. And over the next few hours, he has to work out how that somebody can be anyone but him . . .

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Another Scottish crime-writing star is born
Mark Billingham
Mackay is a natural storyteller, able to jump from one hurtling train of action to another
Washington Post
This is a writer who has had critics attempting to come up with new adjectives to praise him