Out on 25 April 2024

The Power of Words

Mariano Sigman

25 April 2024
352 pages


Discover the transformative power of words and conversations in this profound and inspiring international bestseller, written by renowned neuroscientist Mariano Sigman.

We have hundreds of conversations every week, yet rarely think about the words we use. But the way we describe ourselves and the world around us profoundly shapes our decisions, emotions and action. The Power of Words delves into our minds, showing us how a simple shift in our language can lead to personal growth and positive change.

Drawing from his extensive research in neuroscience and his role as one of the directors of the Human Brain Project, Mariano Sigman reveals that our minds are much more malleable than we think. We retain the same ability to learn and change throughout our lives. By understanding this, we can rewrite our own narratives and break free from limiting beliefs.

Offering practical guidance for self-discovery, this witty and intelligent book urges us to be open to the possibility of being wrong and to gain a fresh perspective on our own lives. By embracing conversations as a tool for growth, we can learn to communicate better with others and most crucially, ourselves, resulting in a more rewarding and successful life.

Sigman finds the sweet spot between findings and experimental detail, and it makes for a compelling read. Entertaining . . . with moments of exhileration
Sigman provides vivid depictions of foundational behavioral psychology experiments . . . and [his] clear passion for neuroscience makes it easy to browse
Mariano Sigman writes and thinks in a uniquely provocative way. He is a gifted cognitive neuroscientist . . . [who] makes learning about the mind and brain easy and almost automatic