Book cover for The Power of Words

The Power of Words



23 May 2024
304 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Business


Essential and informative, The Power of Words is a comprehensive toolkit for anyone looking to elevate their communication and improve themselves. It uniquely combines insightful content with practical exercises, guiding readers to transform their verbal interactions and way of being in the world
Bursting with absorbing ideas and practical guidance. Sigman brings together gripping stories and the latest neuroscience to show how the science of conversation can improve decisions, memory and wellbeing. The Power of Words is a must-read for anyone keen to understand the profound impact of language on ourselves and society
As Mariano Sigman shows us in The Power of Words, we are word amateurs and there is a lot that we need to learn about words if we want to utilize them better. By better understanding words, we get to better understand ourselves
Sigman likes to explore the capacity for learning and transformation at ages where the rest of us already consider everything lost. He has the gift of eloquence and evangelizes without intending to