Out on 20 June 2024

The Guernsey Girls Go to War

Mary Wood

20 June 2024
432 pages


May 1940. The Second World War has been waging for eight months and life for Harriet and her family is uncertain. She and her parents make their way back to their homeland for refuge since Guernsey is not seen to have strategic value to Churchill. But, when they get there, they face disaster as the Germans have invaded and taken over their island. Harriet must find a way to survive while her home is overrun.

Annie is on the mainland and is worried about her friend who is in the midst of the invasion. As more children arrive from Guernsey to be relocated by the authorities, Annie passes Harriet’s child off as her own for fear of him being taken. She must find a way to contact Harriet to find out if she is okay.

With death on the doorstep and the future unclear, will Harriet and Annie’s friendship give them the courage to endure the invasion with their spirits intact?

Wood is a born storyteller