Out on 07 December 2023

The Guernsey Girls

Mary Wood

07 December 2023
384 pages


January 1936. After the hard work of being a maid at Wallington Manor in the lead-up to Christmas, Annie is very excited at the prospect of going home to Bethnal Green. She has missed her family, but the money she earns keeps them all afloat.

Harriet, is from the island of Guernsey and is visiting her aunt at Wallington Manor. When she has to leave for London Annie is asked to look after her. On the train journey a friendship blossoms.

And when an accident happens their friendship is made even stronger. A friendship that would see both girls through pain, happiness, marriage and death. A friendship that would see them both united in Guernsey. But this is just the beginning of their incredible journey . . .

Wood is a born storyteller