Book cover for Overlord




18 April 2024
544 pages
Imprint: Pan


Max Hastings’s reportage of the battle is not unworthy to stand with that of the best journalists and writers who witnessed it . . . A tribute to his skills as a historian
A masterly book, rich in insight, shrewd and weighty in judgement . . . Max Hastings stands in the first rank of writers on modern war
A fine account of the strategy and tactics of the campaign. The author has been shot at himself . . . This has done marvels for quickening his understanding of what such landings are like, and adds an extra cutting edge to his book. He goes over a well-worn path, full of pitfalls, and falls into none of them
A book which combines serious historical and critical comment with brilliant reportage. He brings both the arguments between higher commanders and the fighting on the battlefield itself to life more vividly than previous books