Poison Arrows

Morag Prunty

18 July 2003
384 pages


Christian is blond haired, blue eyed, and not just your average good looking boy - he's an angel. And when he's sent down from the heavenly offices above to sort out the love lives of the citizens of Gorb, a small town in the West of Ireland, he thinks he's got an easy billet - okay, he's not sure how he's going to drink all the cups of tea when he can't ingest, and maybe it's not as glamorous as Paris, but his job should still be a doddle.

The complex lives of the people of Gorb are many fold: there's Mary, still a virgin, not bitter, but depserate to taste the real thing; Sandra, a Northern lap dancer, ready to give up all the grinding and bumping for life back in her roots; Moses, all flicked-back mullet and continually unloved, and Rose, once a true Irish beauty, and now a long suffering wife. And there are plenty more . . . .It is up to Christian - with a little help from his friends - to gild his arrow and point them at the hearts of those who need him most, but just how true is his aim?

Highly original and very funny, this is an endearing novel of love, life and all that it carries from the best-selling author of Disco Daddy.