Cook Like A Man


Age 16 +
31 October 2013
192 pages


Cook Like A Man is the official Movember cookbook, offering recipes for the modern gentleman.

There was once a time when Mo Bros could be found wandering, lost and bewildered, in kitchens around the world. Helpless and unable to fend for themselves, they sought comfort and sustenance from pre-packaged meals, takeaway curries and the easy pickings of kebab shops. But no longer is this so. For now is the hour of the Mo Bro Chef. A gastronomic trailblazer, he has taken back the territory over which he once reigned with fearless elan.

Today, if you look closely, you can find him at dawn on a Saturday roving the fish markets, perusing the morning's catch with a discerning eye. He's that man at the butcher, checking the marble of the aged rib-eye. That man by the side of the highway picking blackberries by the bucket load. That man at the barbecue, centre of attention and master of his domain.

That man with a moustache.

Cook Like A Man offers delicious, hearty, man-friendly recipes contributed by Mo Bro chefs around the UK, Ireland, Spain and Finland, including David Johnson, Head Chef at Swan Shakespeare's Globe, and Sam Wilson, Head Chef at Caravan Kings Cross London - accompanied, of course, by advice on how to conduct yourself like a modern gentleman, both in and out of the kitchen. This Movember cookbook will help you cook like a man.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and make sure you don't get any sauce in your moustache
The recipes, which draw inspiration from around the world, are sure to put hairs on your chest and stiffen your upper lip
A new cookbook compiled by the men's health charity with recipes from some of the most hirsute cooks in the industry ... the recipes usually involve suitably masculine ingredients (Beer! Snails! Soil!)