Between the Orange Groves

Nadia Marks

16 May 2019
352 pages


A moving tale of desire, burning secrets and forbidden love under the Cypriot sun.

From Nadia Marks, the bestselling author of Among the Lemon Trees and Secrets Under the Sun, comes Between the Orange Groves, the perfect read for fans of Victoria Hislop and Santa Montefiore.

In a small village, set among the wild mountains of Cyprus, two families of different faiths share a seemingly unbreakable friendship based on mutual respect and deep affection. Mothers and daughters share their daily secrets, fathers and sons support each other as they live their lives between the fragrant pine trees and orange groves. It’s here that two boys, Lambros and Orhan, grow up side by side, as close as brothers. Their lives are inextricably linked, but as their fortunes shift and time passes, an unforgivable act of betrayal takes place, setting in motion a chain of events that tears the two friends and their entire families apart . . .

Many decades later and now an old man living in London, Lambros decides to share his painful memories with his daughter Stella; transporting her back to an island brimming with passion and at its heart a scandal that still haunts those involved. Is it too late for forgiveness? Or can the next generation embark on a journey of their own to help mend the damage done all those years ago?

Poignant, uplifting tale of faith and forgiveness under [a] Cypriot sun - Woman

Here's what readers are saying:

'A fabulously touching story, that spans history, in-depth family drama, fantastic characters and a wonderful setting. Loved it'

'The book is moving, engaging, entertaining and will keep you hooked till the last page. I look forward to reading other books by this author. Recommended!'

[A] poignant, uplifting tale of faith and forgiveness under [a] Cypriot sun
My book of the year. An utterly gripping story of love and family secrets
A sparkling summer read