Book cover for The Gabble - And Other Stories

The Gabble - And Other Stories



16 November 2017
801 minutes
Imprint: Macmillan Digital Audio


Asher serves up tales that are economical, crisp and frequently fiendishly clever. The stories featuring the gabbleducks, dangerous aliens who ‘speak’ in a nonsensical language, are particularly impressive. Neal Asher: the Lewis Carroll of space opera anyone?
Fans of Asher's Polity future history will not be disappointed by his third collection . . . Asher delights in depicting the universe as a Hobbesian nightmare. He's superb at detailing, with macabre relish, the frailty of the flesh.
The way his characters interact with the strange locations and technologies creates more than enough to keep the pages turning. If you've never sampled the delights of Asher's work then this rather entertaining collection would be a very good place to start.
With this collection of thirteen marvellously inventive and action-packed short stories, Neal Asher takes us further into the manifold diversities of that amazing universe.