Neal Asher

07 March 2019
560 pages


Discover action, intrigue and mind-bending science in Hilldiggers, a gripping science fiction novel from Neal Asher where four siblings holding the keys to unthinkable power.

Two planets, bound by the same solar system, were once locked in war. Then a cosmic super-string overflowing with alien technology - or life - was discovered. For safety, it was stored within a maximum-security space station.

Sometime later, a female scientist from the station became pregnant and gave birth to quadruplets. But she inexplicably committed suicide by walking directly out into space.

When war finally ends, one planet is devastated. It has been decimated by the other planet's hilldigger weaponry, so named as their blasts are capable of transforming landscapes into mountains.

As the remnants of their society rebuild, the quadruplets, adults now, begin their ascension to power. One of them has his sights set on claiming the hilldiggers and their power for himself. But with what consequences for humanity?

Set in the aftermath of Neal Asher's Spatterjay trilogy, Hilldiggers is an action-packed science fiction story.

Packed full of intrigue, and – most importantly – one of his most ambitious and gripping novels yet
A very political novel about the conflicts between the military and civilians, between the war and post-war generations, and balancing truth and reconciliation
Rich and complex . . . wild, wonderful, politically provoking and fresh