Zero Point

Neal Asher

01 October 2020
576 pages


It was a quest for vengeance; now it’s full-blown rebellion. Zero Point is the second book in Neal Asher’s high-octane Owner trilogy.

He must flee or face his enemy . . .

Earth’s Zero Asset citizens no longer face extermination from orbit. Thanks to Alan Saul, the Committee’s network of control is a smoking ruin. Its robotic enforcers also lie dormant. But power abhors a vacuum, and the Committee’s Serene Galahad seizes command.

On Mars, Var Delex is fighting to save the Antares Base. She must also crush the first signs of its own rebellion, while the Argus Space Station speeds towards the red planet. Var knows that whoever trashed Earth is still aboard. And aboard Argus Station, Alan Saul’s mind has expanded into its computer network. There, he learns of the Humanoid Unit Development and its ghastly experiments; the possibility of eternal life; and of a madman who may hold the keys to interstellar flight. But Earth’s agents are close, and the killing will soon begin.

'A thoroughly enjoyable novel' Walker of Worlds

'A real page turner' I Will Read Books

'Asher’s ability to write exciting set-piece action scenes featuring cool SF hardware is undimmed . . . Those who enjoy Neal Asher’s fast-paced, technologically rich SF stories will find a lot to like' Concatenation

A thoroughly enjoyable novel with some very interesting ideas . . . adding in plenty to keep the pages turning
A real page turner. Neal Asher's trademarks were all there, action, imagination and great world building
There is lots to admire here, and Asher fans are unlikely to be disappointed