Noel Malcolm

22 September 2016
384 pages


Bosnia: A Short History was celebrated on its first publication as a brilliant work of history which set the terrible war in the Balkans in its full historical and political context. This revised edition has been updated with a new chapter that covers the events of 1993-1995 and remains the definitive work on the complex history of Bosnia.

'A quite brilliant piece of historical record-straightening. Everyone who wishes to have an opinion about Bosnia must read this book.' Niall Ferguson, Daily Mail

'Clear-sighted, authoritative and eloquent.' Dimitri Obolensky, Times Literary Supplement

'A Triumph of clarity, learning and balance.' Adrian Hastings, New Statesman and Society

'Excellent.' Paddy Ashdown, Sunday Times

'This is a splendid work of synthesis on a very complex subject, written with insight and sympathy: the best, indeed the only, informed book on a history that has become both topical and tragic.' Hugh Trevor-Roper, Sunday Telegraph

'A marvellous book, a work of great scholarship.' Margaret Thatcher