The Spinner's Tale

Omar Shahid Hamid

30 July 2015
100 pages


Sheikh Ahmed Uzair Sufi is one of the most feared men in Pakistan, a top Jihadi militant, who believes in nothing save his own limitless scope for violence.

But no one had suspected this future. Back in 1994, as simple old Ausi, he graduated from school with Eddy and Sana, his two best friends.

While Eddy and Sana go to college in America, Ausi's life takes dangerous and unexpected turns. Over the years, Ausi and Eddy stay in touch through letters. They pursue vastly different lives, yet their shared passion for cricket and nostalgia for their schooldays bind them together. But as Ausi treads his dark path, will the bonds of friendship hold?

Omar Shahid Hamid, bestselling author of The Prisoner, takes us on another thrilling, sinister ride, stretching from Karachi to Kashmir to Afghanistan, in The Spinner's Tale.