Book cover for Tomorrow's People

Tomorrow's People



16 February 2023
336 pages
Imprint: Picador


Morland predicts the future of humanity in 10 illuminating statistics (could the Japanese and Italians now go the way of the dodo?) and looks back to how ebbs and flows of population have shaped history, such as the Soviet Union’s plummeting birth rate in the 1960s, which hastened the end of the Cold War.
Compulsively readable. Regarding the cultural and political implications of enormous pending shifts in human population, Morland manages to remain admirably neutral; readers can draw their own conclusions. Will the future be better or worse? Only one thing is certain: it will be very, very different.
Paul Morland provides the demographic key to understanding so much of recent history and contemporary society - from Chinese cities, to global ageing and the rise of Africa. With great authority and an eye for the vivid detail he opens a door that I was scarcely aware of, persuading me that demography really is the master social science.
An accomplished whistle stop tour of world demographics.