Dr. No

Percival Everett

05 October 2023
288 pages


Winner of the 2023 Windham Campbell Prize for Fiction, Dr. No is the spy thriller reinvented with Percival Everett's typical biting satire.

Wala Kitu is a professor of mathematics at Brown University, specializing in nothing. Kitu is content with nothing – studying it, having it, doing it – until his research places him in the sights of billionaire and would-be Bond villain John Sill, who enlists the professor’s help to steal a deposit of nothing from Fort Knox and use it to reduce the United States of America to nothing.

Sill wants vengeance for another act of all-American villainy: the murder of his father, a witness to the state-sanctioned assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. His mission is everything: ‘This country has never given anything to us and it never will.'

'Clever, funny and mercilessly satirical.' – The Times

There’s nobody else quite like him, with his mash of ideas, chaos, satire and frivolity.
A great deal of fun, and Everett gets a lot of comic mileage out of his narrator’s affectless reactions to the increasingly absurd situations he finds himself in . . . Everett is always up to something interesting.
Clever, funny and mercilessly satirical.